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My name is Assad I am the owner and the founder of Persian Pigeon Loft. My hobby is breeding and flying Iranian High Flyer Pigeons or Persian High-Flyer Pigeons or otherwise called Tehran High Flyer pigeons or Persian Pigeon Tumblers. I enjoy the hobby and that's the only way I know how to relax and have fun with my birds, I fell in love with flying pigeon's since I was 4 years old when my father got me involved into his business of pigeon breeding in Iran. I had an approximately ten birds then and I enjoyed raising and flying them and having lots of fun. But now forty-five years later, I live in El Paso, Texas USA with over 500  Persian pigeons and growing. 

My Persian High Flyers are very attractive pigeons and I am sure they could make a fantastic addition to any rare breed pigeon show. In general Tehrani or Persian High Flyer should be medium in size with long primaries, secondaries and tail feathers. Should have large round head and large eyes with medium face structure. This is the look that we all picture in our head when we talk about this breed. The feathers must be smooth and somewhat tight but not as tight as Homers or even Tipplers for that matter. Then again, one must know that the physical characteristics and look alone is not enough to determine the flying, intelligence, capabilities and good qualities of any bird from this breed. Good strains of Tehrani Tumblers do indeed exist in all sizes and shapes, again depending on the Strain. Some are longer birds, some short and compact, and a lot in between. Some are mainly for competition and endurance races and are some for the high flying and performance and tumbling. You see It's all matter of preference and many years of concentrated hard work by it's master that has created a strain to create his own family of of Persian high flyers that constantly passes on the same genes and produce the same birds according to his preference. There are some strains of Persian High flyers that have exceptionally long feathers and are loose feathered as well. Those strains are mostly are bred for the looks by fanciers who for some reason or another do not fly their birds and therefore concentrated on the looks and the size of their pigeons. Good specimen from these type strains are very popular among some Fanciers both in Iran and outside Iran.


If you have specific questions about us as pigeon breeders, please give us a call at (915) 227-2386.




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